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Landscape Horticulture is now a designated Red Seal Trade.

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       Whether you are an employer or employee, this is good for you.   

   A current apprentice, Justin Vickery provides this insight

 Landscape Horticulture Training Institute is such a rewarding and positive environment. You are surrounded by fellow students ,from all areas of our industry, who are interested in learning about horticulture and are highly motivated in bettering the industry's that we represent. The teachers are some of the most knowledgeable individuals in New Brunswick and have a passion for sharing that knowledge with those who wish to learn.

     Topics covered by the instructors include everything from soil and plant sciences, how to properly plant bulbs, trees, and grasses, installation of hardscape such as brick and concrete, all the way to outdoor lighting and irrigation. The small class sizes allow for group and class discussions so that the instructors can make sure each student fully understands the programs content.

    One of the best parts about LHTI is the community you become a part of. By attending the school I was made aware of opportunities and events that were available to myself and others with my interests. Even though the course is only a 4 year program I feel as if it has introduced me to a community that I will be a part of for many years to come.

Benefit to industry and environment

  • Better more sustainable landscapes being built and maintained
  • a much more professional and skilled trade
  • a better chance of attracting the next generation of workers into our trade (currently our biggest challange
  • a revenue stream for your association (gov't pays us to do the block training)

To qualify (many rules are flexable)

  • require high school diploma
  • need to have a journeyperson to work under
  • available to attend classes (in Sussex) 
  • Blocks are currently 6 weeks long and happen in Jan Feb and March

Dates for 2019 training will soon be decided. The trade is undergoing harmonization and a new block is being added. 

Likely block one will begin right after new years and the other blocks will follow and wrap up in early April.

Click to view the curriculum

Click to visit the NB apprenticeship website for the Landscape Horticulturist trade

Benefit to employee

  • puts you on a career path
  • EI pays you to attend
  • Text books are paid by gov't
  • In PEI tuition is paid by gov't, in NB it is reimbursed to those who pass the block exam
  • $4000 incentive bonus of the course of the program for those who pass the block exams
  • $4000 per year apprenticeship loan available with great terms

Benefit to employer

  • provides you with an employee who is gaining useful job skills as he progresses through.
  • Your workplace becomes safer and more productive (this is proven statistically)
  • EI does not encourage your employee to find a different job (if they are in a seasonal position)
  • There is no cost to you
  • Tenders that specify journeypersons on site will be available to you
  • Your customers will be happier having skilled safe workers on their property

The Landscape Horticulture Training Institute is owned and operated by Landscape NB and has been operating since 2010. It's primary function is provide winter classroom instruction in support of the Landscape Horticulture apprenticeship program. The school is located in Sussex and employs instructors from the landscaping industry . For more information contact the school through the Landscape NB office at 1.866.752.6862 or email Jim at lnb@nbnet.nb.ca


lnb@nbnet.nb.ca or landscapepei@gmail.com