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Welcome to 
Landscape New Brunswick & Landscape Prince Edward Island

Landscape NB/PEI Standing Committees

If you would be interested in signing on to any one of our active committees listed below, we would love to have you. It's not a lot of work, and you'll find it very rewarding as you help to lead this wonderful industry.

Email me if you are interested lnb@nbnet.nb.ca

  • PEI Chapter - Mike Gallant
  • Awards - Nigel Bayliss
  • Certification (ARCC) - Cyndy MacCormac
  • LHTI Board of Governors - Darrell Nameth
  • Education - David Milburn
  • Membership - Donna Richard
  • Skills Canada - Jamey Smith
  • Hort East - Karen Carrier
  • Sponsorship - Karen Carrier
  • Environment - Nigel Bayliss
  • Finance - Dave Milburn