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On open letter to the National Technical Committee of the landscape gardening skills competition:

I have had many proud moments in my forty-five years of involvement in the industry, but nothing will surpass what I experienced this past week. I’ve spent hours searching my inventory of words and emotions to reflect how I felt during (and after) the event. I’ve chosen “gobsmacked”. And not because I was surprised about how it made my pride for this industry the event instilled in me. I knew that was going to happen. I just never expected the degree to which it could grow (sounds like something my doctor might say). Like I said, I’ve had many proud moments in this industry. Watching students get their red seal, watching members win recognition and awards, watching volunteers interact with other trades organizations and governments. I have had many opportunities to see how professional the people in this industry can be. This went way beyond all that. Gord, Annika, Alain, Sylvie, Shane, Steve and Kyle. I watched you guys from the other side of the barricade for 3 long days. At every turn each of you  were: always professional, always encouraging, always displaying a positive attitude, always smiling, almost always laughing, and always up to any challenge. Your dedication and attitude toward this industry is our most valuable resource. The challenge to us as industry staff is to find a way to package this up and get it out to the public. I admit we are a ways off.

My final recollection of the event is watching two grown men playing (safely) on skidsteers like they were 12, after working their asses of for 20 hours, and that image alone does more (to me) to promote this industry than a million billboards. How do we harness and promote that attitude… that experience?

Thank you all for adding even more respect for this trade than I already had. I was gobsmacked that you could take it to another level.

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Team NB - We should be so incredibly proud of James Swindell and Kevin McLean.They finished just out of the medals, but it was very close amongst all of the teams. Here is a video of the final minute.